Amita Kanekar

Amita Kanekar is an independent writer and researcher. She has an MPhil in Architecture, from the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University. She has previously taught in the Bachelor of Architecture and the Comparative Mythologies courses of the University of Mumbai, and also worked for three years (2007-2010) as research assistant to Adam Hardy, Cardiff University, on the project The Indian Temple: Production, Place and Patronage, a project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK. She has been the recipient of research grants from the Luigi and Laura Dallapiccola Foundation, Edinburgh, for her work on the temple architecture of the Ikkeri Nayakas. An internationally published author in the field of architectural history, she has written academic papers on the Ikkeri Nayakas, op-eds on issues connected to history, architecture and politics, reports on social justice issues, and also historical fiction. Her guidebook to the Portuguese sea forts of the Deccan was published by the Deccan Heritage Foundation in 2015. Her novel, A Spoke in the Wheel, was published by HarperCollins in 2005; a second edition was published by Navayana in 2014. She is currently based in Panjim, where she is Adjunct Professor at the Goa College of Architecture, and a member of the Social Justice Action Committee.