R. Benedito Ferrão at the SISAAS Colloquium

The SISAAS Colloquium – Scholars at the Intersection of South Asian and Africana Studies – will include a talk by R. Benedito Ferrão, Ph. D., of the College of William and Mary, VA, USA and the Al-Zulaij Collective, Goa. At this symposium, which is centered on scholarship of the Black presence in Asia and the South Asian diaspora in Africa, Dr.Ferrão’s presentation will address the need to rethink the history of slavery outside of the Black Atlantic in a paper titled “The Other Black Ocean: White Affectivity and Indo-Portuguese Slavery in Margaret Mascarenhas’ Skin.” Further information about the colloquium, which takes place on 8 April, 2017 at Howard University, Washington DC, USA, may be found here:

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