Kaumudi – a Marathi play directed by Kaustubh Naik opens on 8th January 2018.

Kaumudi, a Marathi play translated and directed by Kausutbh Naik will premiere at Kala Academy on 8th January 2018. Hauns Sangeet Natya Mandal, Goa’s oldest theatre company, has produced the play.

The play is originally written in Hindi by noted contemporary playwright and director Abhishek Majumdar. Kaumudi explores the dynamics between an estranged father-son duo who play Eklavya’s ghost and Abhimanyu respectively. Through this, the play puts forth debates around caste-based injustices through Eklavya’s interpretation of Mahabharata, the passing over of knowledge from one generation to another, and the ethics of art practice. The play is inspired by two texts: Anand’s Malayalam Novel Vyasam Vigneswaram and Jorge Luis Borges’ essay Blindness.

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